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Dog Friendly Apartment Living Tips | The Mark

Dog Friendly Apartment Living Tips from a Resident of The Mark

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Dogs Gracie and Max

After finding the best dog friendly apartment for you and your furry friend, your focus turns to move preparation. With so much to do, don’t forget that moving to an apartment with a dog requires some additional planning. 

Moving can be a stressful time for pets as well as humans, and living in an apartment with a dog is challenging at times. To help avoid some of that stress and issues that commonly occur, we asked Heidi, a resident of The Mark who lives with her two dogs, Gracie and Max, for tips. She shares them here.

What should someone know before moving into an apartment with a dog?

If your pet is coming from a yard situation and has freedom, there will be an adjustment period. Sharing elevators was not easy for one of our dogs, so it took training and timing. Trying to learn others’ schedules with their dogs by observing over time allowed us to pick potty and walk times that weren’t as busy. You need to clean up every time after your dogs potty, be aware of other dogs, and use a leash at all times. In addition, stay back from elevator doors in case another dog is getting off to avoid issues. 

What tip can you provide to make moving day less stressful for a dog?

On moving day, I would recommend placing your dog in daycare in order to set up familiar places in the home before the pet arrives. 

What can someone do to help their pet adjust to a new apartment?

Use familiar comforts from your previous home including bed, toys, bowls, etc. 

Any tips to help make an apartment more dog-friendly?

One of our dogs loves boxes, so we must make sure all boxes are off the floor. We also shut off certain areas when we are gone. 

What are some ways to pet-proof your apartment to help avoid damage?

Close off carpeted areas to avoid accidents in that space. Provide familiar items for pets with anxiety.

Any problems you've experienced? If so, what was the solution?

Our older dog had issues holding its urination for very long. The vet gave us medicine that really helped, and 4-5 potty walks a day. Sometimes a pet sitter was used for some of the walks. 

What dogs do you think are best for living in an apartment and why? 

I think smaller dogs are better for apartment living or any dog 55 lbs. and under. Also, dogs that are not high strung because loneliness causes anxiety and barking when owners are gone. 

How do you keep a dog from barking and disturbing other residents while you’re away? 

Managing a dog’s barking can be difficult. I would recommend a video camera to provide treats so that the pet can see you. (You can learn about a few different dog treat-dispensing cameras at Technobark.) Also, you can have a pet sitter visit and play with them to help alleviate the barking.

How do you help keep your dog from feeling lonely when you’re away? 

A pet sitter visit will definitely help in this area.

What dogs are best for someone who works away from home 8-10 hours a day?

An older trained dog with less energy would be ideal for someone with this schedule. 

Should you leave your pet in a crate while you’re away? 

Our first dog loved the feeling of protection that a crate can provide. Some breeds may not tolerate it.

Heidi's Additional Tips & Favorite Local Resources

We love Farmers Dog, dog food that can be purchased online and delivered. We also get our pet treats delivered from Petco.

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Looking for a Dog Friendly Apartment in Spring TX? 

Come take a tour of The Mark! Our dog friendly apartment community includes an onsite pet spa that makes grooming a breeze, and as a resident you get easy access to the Springwoods Village trail system, which is great for dog walking. 

We offer one, two and three bedroom apartments for rent for you and one or two dogs (or cats) with no breed restrictions or maximum weight limit. See our pet policy

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